We recognize that many Ottawans are eager to volunteer their time and support their communities through the COVID-19 crisis. The non-profit sector is impacted by the crisis and many of the volunteer-based organizations have changed their usual processes and some of them promote only virtual opportunities as people self isolate and practice physical distancing. For example, Michael Allen, president and CEO of the United Way in Eastern Ontario, in an interview with CBD, stated that the Distress Centre of Ottawa is experiencing an increase in calls for mental health counselling services, but it may have to decentralize its call centre.

CBC also reports that neighbourhood networks, grassroots groups seeing to the needs of city's most vulnerable. For example, a group of residents in Hintonburg "… are offering to walk each other's dogs, to pick up people's prescriptions, to go shopping for people, to make a cheering phone call.” "One neighbour offered to stop outside someone's house with her baby to smile and wave." The group also is working to monitor the needs of seniors who may not be online. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-helps-volunteer-donate-covid-19-1.5500597