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The Social Planning Council takes a wholistic approach to community development by integrating research, planning, and community building.

Our research work is an integral part of our social planning and community building work. Through research, we identify our community's needs and resources, and equipped with knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses, we partner with community agencies, residents, and city insitutions to plan for a fitting solution.

The activities of the Social Planning Council include (see our current activities)

Background & Annual Reports

The Social Planning Council of Ottawa was created in 1928 by local churches and community groups in order to respond to the then acute socio-economic problems created by the 1930s depression. Since then, the Social Planning Council has been a place where many ideas took form, including

Mission, Values and Vision

Our mission is to provide the residents of Ottawa with the means to exercise informed leadership on issues affecting their social and economic wellbeing.

We Value:

  • The pursuit of social justice and the reduction of inequality
  • Volunteerism
  • Active involvement of those most directly affected by issues
  • The coming together of individuals and diverse groups in the community
  • Leadership, professionalism and the quality of our work
  • Collaboration and partnerships

Our vision is to achieve our mandate through: