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Engagement on Health Priorities for Seniors and Caregivers in Western Ottawa, 2016 


Healthy Kids Community Challenge 2015


Community Focus Factsheet Series (Issues to be released regularly)


How Might This Development Affect People's Health?  A checklist about health, wellbeing and development (Series)



Population Health - Nov 2010

You will find below all the POWERPOINT and other presentations that was presented during our annual consultation on the 24 of November 2010 titled POPULATION HEALTH: FROM PRINCIPLES TO PRACTICE

  • Capacity Gaps for Population Health Planning and Evidence Based Practice Powerpoint
  • Childand Youth Profile 2010 PDF
  • CIMS short presentation PDF
  • Data for Health Planning_some Examples and Tips of the Trade Powerpoint
  • Data Sources for Population Health Planning Word
  • Evidence for Public and Population Health Planning Powerpoint
  • ONS About the Project PDF Word 
  • Ottawa inner city Health_Population Based Planning A case study Powerpoint
  • Ottawa Neighbourhood Study_From Principles to Practice Powerpoint
  • Rural Perspectives on Population Health Planning Children and Youth Powerpoint
  • Summary of Population Health Planning Workshop_Nov 24 Word






  • The Working Poor of Ottawa, 2001
  • The Poverty Crisis 2005:  Report on the Peoples' Hearings II  Held December 2004 to April 2005
  • Our Social Capital. Vol. V, No. 3 :Ottawa’s Diverse Communities
  • Inclusion by Design: Meaningful Indicators of Inclusion and Accessibility in Local Communities for People with Disabilities
  • Our Social Capital. Vol. V, No. 2: Neighbourhood Planning
  • Our Social Capital. Vol. V, No. 1: Poverty in Ottawa
  • Our Social Capital. Vol. IV, No. 3: Housing Affordability in the Ottawa Area, 2001




  • Demographic Report 1996-2001
  • The Ottawa Mosaic: Proceedings from the Conference on Issues Regarding Ethno-cultural Minorities in Ottawa.
  • Keeping the Priority on People: A Report on a Special Consultation on the Development of Ottawa's Human Services Plan Held June 12, 2002
  • A Report on Community Consultation on Housing and the Officical Plan (Available only in English)
  • GEARING TOWARDS PROGRESS! Overcoming the Challenges our Children Face - Success Stories Resource Manual
  • The Quality of Life in Ottawa
  • Our Social Capital. Vol II, No 1 April 2002: The People and Their City
  • Our Social Capital. Vol II, No 2 September 2002: Focusing on Our Neighbourhoods
  • Our Social Capital. Vol II, No 3 December 2002: 'Ottawa@Work'


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