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Youth Leadership for Change is a collective of young researchers doing action-oriented analysis on issues that matter to them, supported by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa.   To date, the focus has been primarily on employment.  The economic realities of the world today have changed and remain in tumultuous flux, leaving career development paths that worked for older generations increasingly irrelevant to new entrants to the labour market.  See our work below.

YLC 2015 Report Cover


Read the 2015 Report 

Youth Employment: Opportunities and Challenges in the Local Economy.  This report is part of YLC’s research on the topic of youth unemployment and underemployment in Ottawa. A report in 2013 that looked at youth perspectives on youth employment difficulties; this year’s aim is to shift the perspective away from the deficiencies of youth to the challenging economic realities that make it impossible for today’s youth to replicate the kind of career trajectories their parents and workers currently in their mid-30s may have found successful. It comes alongside sustained engagement with service providers working in Employment Services for youth and others. Our hope is that increased coordination makes services more effective for the youth who use them and improves youth employment outcomes over the longer term – an outcome we all share!  Read the full report. 


Read the Summary of Findings Survey of Businesses in 4 Neighbourhoods, 2015 


October 20th 2014 forum:

Youth Leadership for Change's event "Tackling Youth Unemployment and Underemployment" took place on Monday October 20th from 2-6PM at Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre. Participants included employment services, economic development workers, social service providers and others with an interest in the topic. Download this free pdf to read a summary of the day's events and findings.

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