Building Greener Futures Together

Our Mission

Building Greener Futures Together works to improve access to jobs in “green” residential renovations and retrofits for youth facing labour market barriers. In addition to providing essential employment supports, such as training opportunities and work placements, BGFT is actively developing the job market in order maximize opportunities for new workers.




Our Objectives
  • Expand quality employment opportunities in the local green renovation sector, particularly for people facing barriers in the labour market;
  • Increase economic activity in Ottawa’s green renovation sector;
  • Provide a range of supports to increase the adoption and implementation of green building technologies and practices in Ottawa;
  • Strengthen the economic vitality of the locally based sector through strategic sector support, public policy development and consumer education;
  • Increase the sustainability of Ottawa’s housing stock.


For more information, please contact

Heather Hunter, Project Coordinator
(613) 236-9300 x 312,


Our Funders

We are grateful for support from: