Access to Health

Healthy Living Workshops

Previous research by the SPC has highlighted the high levels of stress experienced by immigrant and low income families in our community, including the serious long term impact this has on the health of their family members.  In response, we have worked with several community organizations to expand programs of peer mental health, particularly supporting stress reduction. Supported by our research on promising practices, and in collaboration with partner agencies, we implemented several new projects of peer mental health supports. 

This year, we continued with our healthy living workshops and community kitchens, in partnership with Debra Dynes Family House Inc. (a social housing community), Coopération Intégration Canada (for Francophone newcomers) and Ottawa Somaliland Community Services.  Funding was provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, under a “Healthy Communities Fund” grant.


Healthy Development Checklists

Under the leadership of Centretown Community Health Centre, we were pleased to work with an advisory committee of community and organizational partners to develop a simple and easy-to-use tool that residents could use to bring a health lens to their existing analyses of new developments in their neighbourhoods.  The SPC developed a toolkit, comprised of six checklists for different types of developments.  The toolkit was piloted and is currently available in English. 

How Might This Development Affect People's Health?  A checklist about health, wellbeing and development


Our Funders

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