Access to Basics

Access to Healthy Food for Children & Youth

The Poverty and Hunger Working Group, the Ottawa Network for Education and the Social Planning Council of Ottawa came together for this policy project to increase access to healthy food for children and youth. The project provided a snapshot of the context in Ottawa and developed action plans to build on what already exists in the community - scaling up enablers and mitigating barriers to get more healthy food on the plates of Ottawa’s children and youth, particularly those living in low income. The project was made possible through a grant from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Access to Health

Healthy Living Workshops

Previous research by the SPC has highlighted the high levels of stress experienced by immigrant and low income families in our community, including the serious long term impact this has on the health of their family members.  In response, we have worked with several community organizations to expand programs of peer mental health, particularly supporting stress reduction. Supported by our research on promising practices, and in collaboration with partner agencies, we implemented several new projects of peer mental health supports. 

Access to Education

An important part of our “Building Greener Futures Together” program is to support young people who face barriers to completing high school.  In collaboration with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (Frederick Banting Alternate Program, Norman Johnston Secondary Alternate Program, and “Winning Attitudes” Program) and St Nicholas Adult High School, we had the opportunity to assist 15 young people to acquire credits through work placements in green renovations